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Dr.Bhavisha Shah (naturopath) is a renowned life transformation coach since 2013. She is Scientific Mind Test Expert and NLP practitioner. Over the years, she has worked as a change maker in thousands of lives.She has guided thousands of students and parents. She has helped them with her unique and scientific method to discover innates and help out on choosing perfect career and life partner as per their own personality and psychology.She is certified hypnotherapist from California University.
She is expert counselor and alternative healing therapist practicing more than 13 healing modalities including reiki and pranik healing. She is Pranik psychotherapist and angel & Terot card reader.Since last three years she has been researching about GARBHSANSKAR. As of now she guides planing and pregnant couples to design and get their ideal,dream virtue baby with her innovative ANMOL GARBHSANSKAR Course based on proven vedic and modern scientific methods.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to guide 50 LAKH couples with our deep knowledge and experience of GARBH SANSKAR to transform next generation and make BHARAT Super Power & pioneer of peace.

Our Mission

We are on mission to to create civilized, virtuous, vigorous and cultured next generation by inculcating scientifically proven GARBH SANSKAR Process. Enrich the life of NEXT GENERATION with prenatal education practicing as well as desciplined lifestyle provided by our highly skilled Trainer and team.